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Why Buy On-The-Spot?

Why do so many hand sanitizers smell so bad? You shouldn’t have to endure a smell you don’t like just to stay clean. Whether for your home, business, or on the go, we’ve got your sanitization needs covered. Our scented hand sanitizers not only kill over 99% of harmful germs*, but also refresh and revitalize your senses with five clean spa fragrances to choose from.

We are the best smelling hand sanitizer on the market.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our products that we offer a no-challenge, money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any of our products, we’ll gladly help you out.

  • Aromatherapy on the go
    The best-smelling spa-like scents on the market!
  • 75% alcohol formula
    25% more germ-killing alcohol than the CDC minimum recommendation.
  • High-quality ingredients
    We only put ingredients you can trust in our formula.
  • Great Value
    Cleanliness isn’t a luxury - we make our products affordable.
  • Limited warranty
    All of our dispensers and floor stands are covered by a limited warranty.

Your trusted partner for professional sanitizing

Our clients rely on us to provide high-quality, clean smelling professional sanitizing.


"Everyone in our office wants to use this sanitizer. We’ve since put stations in our restrooms."
"My citrus spray is the perfect companion on flights—always have it handy."
"Finally, a sanitizer without the nasty smell. My staff and visitors use it a lot. Prompt delivery too."
"The lavender is lovely for my studio!"
"Great service. One place for all our sanitizing needs. I have the white tea and dispensing stations at my 12 restaurant locations. The product is a step above the rest. Refills are very economical."

Social Responsibility

On-The-Spot is committed to supporting organizations with a mission to end sex trafficking. 

For every bottles ofhand sanitizer sold we donate a portion of profits to sex trafficking organizations.  When you purchase On-The-Spot hand sanitizeryou are helping eradicate sex trafficking.    

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