Bulk Hand Sanitizer & Dispensers

If you’re a business owner, chances are you want the best for your staff and your customers. And with health and safety regulations becoming increasingly strict, making sure you have the right sanitation protocols in place has never been more important.

Whether you work in education, catering, property, sports or anything in between, having hand sanitizer available at your business is always going to be a great thing. Having proper access to hand sanitizer in your building will help to reduce the illnesses and germs being spread.

Of course, one of the most important parts of running a business is taking care of your bottom line, so buying your hand sanitizer in bulk should be a priority. In today’s blog, we’re going to be outlining where you can get bulk hand sanitizer for your business, as well as the sanitizer dispensers and stands to match.

Where to buy hand sanitizer in bulk

We offer 3 types of 75% alcohol hand sanitizer in bulk and you can order them online in just a few clicks. These are the hand sanitizers we sell in bulk online:  

Hand sanitizer dispensers

Hand sanitizer dispensers are almost as important as the hand sanitizers themselves, especially in a commercial setting. 

Having a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with a stand, or mounted to a wall, gives your customers and employees an even safer way to sanitize their hands as they don’t even have to touch anything.

These don’t have to be unattractive - you can get some lovely, discreet hand gel dispensers that won’t detract from your building’s aesthetic. This 100 ml automatic sanitizer dispenser is battery operated and is  5.7 in L x 5.5 in W x 11 in H. It’s stylish and modest with a modern design - you can pair this hand sanitizer dispenser with our table top stand or our sleek floor stand.

On-The-Spot is a US-based creator and retailer of high-quality hand sanitizers, hand sanitizer dispensers and hand sanitizer dispenser stands.

We’re delighted to offer businesses and individuals the best smelling hand sanitizer. Our hand sanitizers come in the scents Original, Lavender, White Tea and Citrus, and they come in 2 fl.oz spray bottles, 8 fl.oz flip cap bottles, 16.9 fl.oz hand pump bottles, and 1.3 gallon refill bottles.

All of our hand sanitizers feature 25% more alcohol than the CDC recommends, so you can count on them to kill more than 99% of harmful bacteria.

Shop our range of scented hand sanitizers, bulk hand sanitizers, and dispensers & stands.

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