Dealing With Coronavirus Anxiety: Our 6 Tips

Are you feeling anxious now that life is becoming a little more normal after the COVID-19 outbreak? You’re certainly not alone. Here are 6 tips to help you deal with your coronavirus anxiety.

Limit your news intake

Of course, we’re not saying that you should cut yourself off from COVID information entirely. Keeping up to speed with what’s going on is so important. But checking up on the news too often could be adding to your anxiety.

If you can relate, why not limit yourself to reading/watching the news just once or twice per day? You’ll still be in the loop with what’s going on, but you’ll be stopping any compulsive checking and refreshing which can make you feel more on edge.

Be mindful of where you get your information

There are many, many sources of information in the world, so making sure you’re separating the wheat from the chaff and getting the facts can be tough.

Being subjected to alarmist misinformation can cause people huge amounts of anxiety, so make sure you choose your news sources carefully. From news channels to medical professionals to organizations, there are plenty of credible people out there who will be able to give you quality information.

The official US guidance on coronavirus can be found here and COVID information from the World Health Organization (WHO) can be found here

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to manage your coronavirus anxiety because it helps you take control of your situation. 

Whether you’re worried about going back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re worried about socializing again, or you’re feeling anxious about other people not wearing a face mask and keeping a distance from you in the grocery store… plan ahead!

Are you going to need to take your own hand sanitizer to the office? Are you going to need to take extra face masks to the next family get together? Do you want to arrive at an event a little bit earlier to make sure you get a space away from the crowds?

Thinking ahead about these things takes the pressure off your shoulders when you’re in the situation.

Seek support

Talking through how you’re feeling can be really beneficial when you’re feeling anxious, whether that’s with friends and family or with a mental health expert. If you think you could benefit from talking therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you with your anxiety, speak to your doctor. There are also organizations throughout the USA that can provide support, such as Samaritans.

Take precautions

Coronavirus restrictions such as wearing face masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer are not mandatory in the US anymore. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing those things. If you feel more comfortable wearing your mask, cleaning your hands regularly, and keeping your distance from those around you, you can absolutely still do that.

Create good routines

After the pandemic, lots of people across the country have had to change their routines. Anxiety falls hand in hand with many areas in our lives and making sure that we’re taking good care of ourselves can help us to feel more mentally well.

Creating a new routine that incorporates good habits can be an excellent way to boost your mood and reduce your anxiety. For example, things like getting enough sleep, having a balanced diet, limiting alcohol usage, and having a healthy work/life balance, can help you to feel better mentally.

Anxiety after COVID is really common, but we know that doesn’t make it any easier. We hope our 6 tips for dealing with the anxiety that comes with lockdown easing have helped you.

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