How to Incorporate Hand Sanitizer at Your Wedding

Are you tying the knot soon? Congratulations! 

While they’re still incredibly romantic, weddings during COVID look a little different to the weddings we used to know. Depending on where you live, there could be a number of wedding guidelines that you need to follow to make sure that you and your guests are safe.

None of us want our nearest and dearest to get sick, so adhering to all of the relevant social distancing guidelines, hand hygiene guidelines, and regulations regarding wearing masks is really important - especially when large groups of people are going to be mixing.

One of the most common safety measures at post-COVID weddings is hand sanitizer, making sure that guests have clean hands throughout the event. Luckily, it’s really easy to incorporate into your big day! Keep reading for our favorite ways to use hand sanitizer at your wedding.

Hand sanitizer stations

Setting up a sanitizer station is a clear indication that people should be sanitizing their hands at your wedding.

It’s really easy to get a sanitizer station set up, all you need is a hand sanitizer dispenser (we recommend this automatic, touchless 1000 ml hand sanitizer dispenser) and a stand

These can be dotted around your wedding venue - at the entrance and exit points, near seating, on tables, etc. - or you could set up one table with numerous dispensers, keeping the sanitizer all in one place.  

You can also get some really gorgeous signage to further encourage people to use the station. 


Your sanitizer stations don’t have to be plain if you don’t want them to be. In fact, they can fit right in with your wedding décor or theme for a seamless experience. Both beautiful and functional, these signs from Etsy are perfect for a wedding sanitizer station. Plus, buying from Etsy helps support small businesses - win, win!

Luxury scented hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer might not seem like the most glamorous thing to add into your wedding, but a high quality hand sanitizer that smells amazing can really change the experience for your wedding guests.

Our scented hand sanitizers are perfect to use as wedding hand sanitizers as they’re luxurious, moisturizing, and don't leave a sticky residue on your hands after use! They come in the scents Original, Lavender, White Tea, and Citrus, all of which are fitting scents for a wedding.

As well as giving you a high-end experience, they’re alcohol-based and kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, making them an effective choice.

Hand sanitizer favors

Hand sanitizer spray bottles make wonderful wedding favors and party favors - it’s also a great way to encourage your guests to sanitize on the day. 

These 2 fl.oz hand gel spray bottles come in our 4 scents (Original, Lavender, White Tea, and Citrus), and they’re awesome for using on the go.

For bulk hand sanitizer favors, you can choose our 8 fl.oz flip cap bottles in the same scents, in packs of 24 or pallets of 2016.

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