Is Hand Sanitizer Still Important?

With coronavirus restrictions easing and more and more people ditching the face masks and social distancing, there is a particular question that people have been asking over and over again: “Is hand sanitizer still important?

In short, yes. Using hand sanitizer is still really important for both individuals and businesses, despite the restrictions that came with the pandemic drawing to a close.

Why is it important to use hand sanitizer?

While COVID-19 restrictions have eased and cases of the virus have decreased, it still poses a very real threat, especially to some of the more vulnerable people in society. But it’s not just the coronavirus outbreak that we should be thinking about.

Many common illnesses are spread by people touching and contaminating surfaces and using hand gel is a really quick, efficient and convenient way of preventing the spread of dangerous bacteria and other nasties. A good hand sanitizer will kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including the flu virus, salmonella, and fungi.

Commercial hand sanitizer has always been and will always be incredibly important for disease control and prevention within workplaces, whether that’s employees or customers.

Whether you work in retail, hospitality, medicine, schools, or anything in between, having hand sanitizer readily available for everyone who enters your building makes sure people have the opportunity to kill the germs on their hands as soon as they come in.

Having sanitizer (such as these hand pump bottles) located on office desks, reception desks, coffee tables, etc., as well as automatic hand sanitizer dispensers located in key areas, you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of bacteria being spread by people touching contaminated surfaces.

As a business owner, that’s invaluable as you will be reducing the impact on your business’s productivity when people are off work sick and will be helping to meet some of the ever-tightening health and safety regulations. The best hand sanitizer for businesses is one that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, smells great, is fast-drying, and can be bought in bulk.

Using hand sanitizer doesn’t need to be a mundane experience for you or your customers, either. If you choose a luxury hand sanitizer, you can have a really pleasant experience. A luxury hand sanitizer will be fast-drying, so it won’t leave a sticky residue on your skin. It will also smell good (not that strong tequila smell that many hand sanitizers have) and not dry out your skin.

To summarize, hand sanitizer is still a hugely important product, even after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are winding down. There is still a huge number of illnesses that can be prevented by good use of quality hand sanitizer. 

There are also many benefits of using hand sanitizer that make it more convenient than washing your hands with soap and water. For more information on this, our blog post on The Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizer will outline some of the huge advantages of using a hand gel, including reducing waste, being portable, and moisturizing your skin.

On-The-Spot has created a luxurious range of scented, alcohol based hand sanitizers for people and businesses. Our hand sanitizers come in the scents Original, Lavender, White Tea, and Citrus. 

These are fast-drying, moisturizing hand sanitizers that leave your skin feeling soft, whilst still quickly and effectively killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria. They come in 2 fl.oz hand sanitizer spray bottles (travel size), 8 fl.oz flip cap bottles, 16 fl.oz hand pump bottles, and 1.3 gallon jugs for refilling your hand sanitizer dispensers.

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