Kids’ Hand Sanitizer

When it comes to our children, parents can agree that keeping them safe comes first, last and always. Schools, playgrounds, movie theaters, and so many other places that our kids love are breeding grounds for bacteria that can make them and our whole households sick.

Encouraging healthy hand hygiene in children can be tough, but using hand sanitizer makes it as easy as possible for both you and your child. By using hand sanitizer, you will reduce the likelihood of your family becoming sick with colds, the flu and other viral infections.

But how do you entice your child to use hand sanitizer? The best hand sanitizer for kids is a hand sanitizer that they actually want to use. For that reason, scented hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer sprays are awesome for little ones because they smell great and they’re fun to use. 

Busy moms and dads will benefit from hand sanitizer to go, too, rather than bigger bottles, so a travel size hand sanitizer would be ideal. Small sprays make the best hand sanitizer for travel. They can fit easily in your purse or pocket and can be quickly and easily used in public bathrooms, when you’re traveling, when your children have finished playing in the playground, before eating, and more.

Hand sanitizers for children

These 2 fl.oz spray bottles (which are not to be used on children under the age of 2 months) make the perfect travel hand sanitizer and are easy for parents and children to use at home or on the go. These are alcohol based hand sanitizers that kill more than 99% of harmful bacteria and come in the scents Original, White Tea, Lavender and Citrus.

These luxurious hand sanitizers are quick to dry, so they won’t leave a sticky residue on your child’s hands. They’re also moisturizing, which is great for dry and sensitive skin. They come in packs of 1, packs of 4 and boxes of 12.

Shop our Original scented hand sanitizer spray bottles.

Shop our Lavender scented hand sanitizer spray bottles.

Shop our White Tea scented hand sanitizer spray bottles.

Shop our Citrus scented hand sanitizer spray bottles.

On-The-Spot has created a range of hand sanitizers and dispensers for both individuals and businesses. We wanted to change the way people viewed hand sanitizer, making a product that’s not only really effective, but also a pleasure to use.

As well as hand sanitizer sprays, we’ve created scented hand sanitizers in 8 fl.oz flip cap bottles, 16.9 fl.oz hand pump bottles, 1.3 gallon refill bottles and single use packets.

Our hand sanitizer dispensers and stands are attractive, fitting in with the look and feel of a professional business. Shop our range of dispensing systems here. Businesses can also benefit from buying our hand sanitizer bottles in bulk. 

For more information about our business, our products and our industry, as well as our latest news, read the On-The-Spot blog.
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