Should You Bring Your Own Hand Sanitizer To A Restaurant?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, it has become commonplace for restaurants all over the world to provide hand sanitizer for their guests. We think that’s great! Employee and guest safety should always come first, especially when bacteria and viruses can spread so quickly in public spaces.

But we get a lot of questions about whether people should be taking their own hand sanitizer with them to restaurants. There are two main aspects that come into this: hand sanitizer quality & hand sanitizer experience

Hand sanitizer quality

There are regulations for hand sanitizers in the USA, but not all hand sanitizers are equal.

Hand sanitizer for restaurants should be FDA lifted and meet CDC requirements to make sure it's effective enough to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. But lots of businesses try to scrimp and save money by cutting corners and buying lesser quality hand sanitizers.

Restaurant hand sanitizer may come in bottles or dispensers, but if it doesn’t come from a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser it will have been handled by many other people. In this case, bringing your own hand sanitizer with you is a safer option.

Hand sanitizer experience

We’re not going to beat about the bush here… some hand sanitizers can be horrible! User experience is important when it comes to hand sanitizer because if it’s not enjoyable to use, you’re less likely to use it.

Some hand sanitizers are sticky or leave an uncomfortable residue on your hands. Some hand sanitizers can smell really bad (read this article to find out why!) which makes them unpleasant to use.

A good hand sanitizer will (1) be effective at killing bacteria and (2) be a joy to use. Restaurant sanitizer can be both of those things, but it’s not always guaranteed.

So, in short, it can make a lot of sense to bring your own hand sanitizer to a restaurant. If you have an effective and pleasant hand sanitizer with you, you’re mitigating the risk of a restaurant providing you with a subpar sanitizer.

But (and this is a big BUT!) you should not be making your own hand sanitizer at home.

Here’s why you shouldn’t make your own hand sanitizer

Like we mentioned earlier, the FDA has specific requirements for hand sanitizer that you’re unlikely to be able to meet at home.

There are numerous DIY hand sanitizer recipes on the internet that will tell you to mix rubbing alcohol with aloe vera gel. 

In theory, this could work fine. But unless your ratios are absolutely perfect, which is really hard to achieve, you can really damage your skin with the harshness of the alcohol, or dilute it to the point that it doesn’t effectively kill the bacteria on your hands.

Plus, by choosing to buy hand sanitizer instead of making your own, you’re going to save yourself time, money and probably quite a bit of mess.

Where to buy quality hand sanitizer

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