Staying Safe When Texas COVID Restrictions Have Been Lifted

On-The-Spot is proud to be a Texas-based business and some big changes are coming to the state tomorrow (March 10th, 2021).

Tomorrow, all COVID-19 restrictions in the state of Texas (Mississippi, too!) are going to be lifted, including mandatory mask wearing and limited business operations, with Governor Greg Abbott saying that it’s time to “open Texas 100 percent”.

This is awesome news for businesses and individuals across the state, but COVID-19 is still around and there are some things we can still be doing to make sure we’re keeping ourselves, our families, and our fellow Texans safe.

1. Be aware of symptoms

The current known symptoms of the coronavirus are a new, continuous cough, a fever, and a change/loss of your sense of smell and/or taste.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus, it’s best that you get a test. If it comes back positive, you should isolate at home for 14 days (unless you’re getting medical care) and let the people you’ve been in contact with know that you have the virus.

Similarly, if you notice that someone else has symptoms, try to stay away from them as much as possible until they’re feeling better.

2. Use hand sanitizer

Pandemic or not, hand sanitizer is your friend. There are so many types of harmful bacteria that we can come into contact with on a daily basis, and hand sanitizer kills 99% of them instantly.

Using hand sanitizer is an effective way of staying safe from COVID-19 if you’re using it properly, so we recommend that you have easy access to hand sanitizer at home, at your workplace, and anywhere else where you may come into contact with the virus.

Many restaurants, bars, and other hospitality establishments will be able to give you hand sanitizer, but it makes sense to have a bottle that you can carry around with you if possible, such as our 2 fl. oz hand sanitizer spray bottles.

3. Respect the choices of others

COVID-19 restrictions have been a topic of controversy across the world. There are lots of differing opinions out there about both when and how coronavirus restrictions should be lifted. While some people may have differing views on social distancing, respecting the choices of others can go a long way when it comes to keeping everyone safe.

Someone may have an underlying health condition that they would like to keep private, or they may have a family member that could get really sick. So, a great rule of thumb is to check with people if you’re not sure if they’re happy with hugs, handshakes, or any other kind of close contact.

On-The-Spot takes people’s safety very seriously. That’s why we’ve made sure that our hand sanitizer kills 99% of harmful bacteria. It’s easy to use, moisturizes your skin, and smells amazing, coming in the scents Original, Lavender, Citrus, and White Tea.

Our hand sanitizers come in spray bottles, flip cap bottles, hand pump bottles, and 1.3 gallon dispenser refill bottles. Shop the full range of On-The-Spot hand sanitizers and dispensers here.