Why Should We Use Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensers?

Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers (also known as automatic sanitizer dispensers) are often found in public areas like bars, restaurants, gyms, stadiums, and many other indoor and outdoor spaces.

They’re really popular choices for businesses, workplaces, and large and small events at the moment. But what’s so good about them? Using touchless hand sanitizer is the best way to sanitize, especially in public areas. Here’s why:

They eliminate a point of contact

Hand sanitizer is great. A good, alcohol-based sanitizer will kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria on your hands, but you can take the safety and hygiene up another notch by using an automatic dispenser. 

This type of dispenser doesn’t require touch because it has sensors that detect movement. They eliminate the spread of germs and other nasties even further because there isn’t a point of contact for people’s hands, which can be one of the dirtiest parts of our bodies!

They’re quick

When you’re entering a building - or standing in a line - and have to sanitize your hands, using a touchless sanitizer can really speed up the process. This is because most battery-operated or electrical dispensers will dispense in a second or two, making them quicker to use than manual hand sanitizer dispensers. This reduces crowds and time spent standing in lines.

They’re economical 

Automatic dispensers distribute the same amount of sanitizer per person (usually around 1000 ml). This makes sure that everyone gets enough hand sanitizer to kill the bacteria on both of their hands.

They dispense sanitizer directly onto the user’s hands, reducing wastage. It also prevents people from taking much more hand sanitizer than necessary, saving your bottom line.

They’re stylish

Automatic dispensers can look really modern and stylish, not affecting the look and feel of your business. They can be attached to the walls easily and, if you’re looking for a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with a stand, you can get minimalistic tabletop and floor stands that aren’t unsightly at all. 

Where to buy quality hand sanitizer & dispensers

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