On-The-Spot is committed to supporting organizations with a mission to end sex trafficking.

For every bottle of hand sanitizer sold, we donate a portion of the profits to organizations working to put an end to sex trafficking. When you purchase On-The-Spot hand sanitizer, you're helping to eradicate sex trafficking and make the world a little safer.

The Sex Trafficking Problem & What Elijah Rising Does with your Donations


global industry


largest criminal enterprise

13 years old

average age of entry

Sex trafficking is a $100 billion a year global industry, the world’s second-largest criminal enterprise, with an average age of entry at thirteen-years-old.

The epidemic of commercial sexual exploitation is not an injustice that only occurs in some distant land. Rather, sex trafficking is a present reality occurring in both urban and rural communities, among poor and affluent neighborhoods, all across the United States. Traffickers use sophisticated grooming techniques, often through social media platforms, to entrap both children and adults. Those who are being exploited are rarely bound or held behind locked doors. In fact, victims are compelled to sell their bodies over and over again in the hallways of the local high school, within legally operating massage parlors, in the parking lot of your favorite restaurant, or from a neighbor’s living room. Sex trafficking is a real and present injustice that fills our communities.

Sex trafficking is a wide-spread injustice, but Elijah Rising is committed to offering solutions that make a lasting impact. Houston remains a major hub of sex trafficking with more brothels than Starbucks and McDonalds combined. Often, Houston is referred to as the number one city in the nation for trafficking but Elijah Rising believes Houston is the number one city in the nation for solutions to eradicating sex trafficking.

First, Elijah Rising does this by resourcing communities with the awareness and training needed to identify trafficking, while mobilizing individuals, to respond in practical ways that disrupt the commercial sex industry. Elijah Rising believes it takes everyone within society, working together, to rid our cities of this injustice. Therefore, the organization engages various communities such as churches, businesses, families, civic groups, artists, and more with the intention of developing relationships focused on raising an outcry for justice.

Second, Elijah Rising recognizes the need for direct outreach to those currently experiencing exploitation and the ever-increasing need for long-term recovery programs for those who overcome sex trafficking. Therefore, Elijah Rising is committed to being present with people in the places where they are being sold to provide resources, aid, and assistance if they choose to exit their situation.

Finally, Elijah Rising is providing long-term trauma-informed residential care to women who have overcome sexual exploitation. They listen to and amplify the voices of those who have overcome trafficking so that our intervention efforts and restorative care programs are informed by those who best understand the journey of restoration.